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Appetite Suppression, Weight Loss and Nutrition

    When tracking appetite suppression, we also provide information and act as a mentor for weight loss and maintaining good nutrition. First we treat you with the therapeutic laser, focusing on suppressing your appetite, using laser therapy along with proven approaches to nutrition and exercise. Our technicians will guide you toward your desired goal. The program includes information and guidance on eating sensibly and includes an easy to follow and easy to live with nutritional plan. The plan describes a variety of appetizing food choices and can be followed at home as well as when you are out.

    Applying the laser to various points on the body can facilitate weight loss by giving the person a feeling of well being which can suppress the desire for excessive food. The laser can also stimulate metabolism and thereby enable the body to utilize food efficiently instead of storing it as fat.

    Diet and exercise are imperative in any program of weight reduction. Laser Innovations does not prescribe any drugs or force you to follow any strict diet. However, if you use a diet and exercise program along with the laser treatment program, you will have a higher degree of success than if you just allow the laser to suppress your appetite and boost your metabolism. The laser treatment will also relieve the depressed and irritable feeling most people have when trying to follow a diet and exercise regimen.

   A succession of three laser treatments over a three week period is recommended initially. You may require additional treatments, depending on the desired weight loss goal. 

  If used in conjunction with a diet and exercise program, the laser treatments can help to get your body used to eating less food, help to process food more efficiently and help you to control those cravings for food that you shouldn’t be eating while trying to lose weight. Weight loss should continue after the treatments are completed until normal weight is achieved. The effects of the laser usually last at least six to eight weeks following your last treatment. 

NOTE: Before embarking on any weight control program, Laser Innovations recommends contacting your physician.

Weight Loss Testimonals

 I had my first treatment September 20, 2006.  As of November 21, 2006 I have lost nearly 50 pounds.  This treatment is a very important tool in weight loss!  I did not miss the awkward feeling and lack of total control that I felt when I took weight loss pills.  I always felt over medicated and my skin and scalp “crawled” constantly with the weight loss pills.  With the laser treatment, I don’t feel altered at all!!  Actually quite the opposite, I feel rested when I sleep, and I have more energy and I am ready to wake up and start the day.  When the staff at Laser Innovations explains that the treatment alters your metabolism, you need to understand that you will have more energy, and you need to take advantage of it!  You need to take time out to exercise.  I walk on the treadmill or walk down my country road for at least 2 miles most evenings.  You need to get moving and use the energy to clean the house or do the laundry or do the yard work!  You now have the energy so use it to get yourself out of the rut you’re in because you haven’t felt good because of your current weight issues.  It is a terrible cycle to be in and get out of, you eat because you are depressed and depressed because you eat….and then have little or no energy!  Make the choice to take the treatments!  Then make the choice to do your part too.  I noticed that after my first treatment – on my way home I had no desire to stop at Dairy Queen – any other time I would have stopped, or I don’t eat pizza anymore.  I just don’t want to!  The craving isn’t there!  I also took responsibility to eat right!  I have healthy, accurate portion sized dinner.  I prepare my food and put it in a portion divided container and that is all I am able to have.  No test of will power then!  Then after the treatment I don’t have the desire to eat the large or endless portions that I could eat before!  Very few times have I actually been hungry.  You have to drink as much water as you can!  That is one of the keys to success!  Don’t forget the water!  You may be slightly hungry at some point, but that is just in passing!  It isn’t constant, as usually you feel full and ready to burst after eating your portions or drinking water!  Stick with the plan and goal you have for yourself.  It is worth it, and you’ve already started the program and commitment to yourself…you’ve got a lot to lose either way you choose…choose what’s right and healthy for you instead of giving in to the bad choices!!  You’re worth it, and Laser Innovations has been the most supportive!  It is the most effective, and easy to do!  I really recommend this method of treatment for anyone wanting a healthy and effective “new” weight loss treatment!
Thank you,
Jan B.

To the great people at Laser Innovations:

I had my first session on September 17.  So far I have received three treatments over a month’s time and have lost nine pounds.  I have experienced absolutely no cravings and am truly surprised that I have very little hunger.  What has really been amazing to me is that I have a real sense of peace about my food choices and I don’t feel deprived of anything.  In the past, that was usually a great stumbling block for me.  I would quickly resume my bad habits and the ice cream feast would begin!  I have not eaten ice cream since before September 17 and I have no desire to eat some now. Kurt and the staff have made me feel very welcome and all have a positive and welcoming approach to the process.  I feel very empowered when I leave and I look forward to my next visit. I would  recommend this treatment to anyone wishing to change their eating habits.  It works!
Francie A.
October 22, 2007

After my first visit, I really didn’t feel much different, other than the fact that I wasn’t hungry.  As the day went by, my hunger never returned and I started to feel really good about myself and my weight problem.  My depression went away and I really started to feel good about myself and my future.  I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks and stared to exercise on a more regular basis, something that I had not done in a long time!  It gave me the motivation that I need to quit procrastinating and start living and believing in myself again.  Each visit has helped me to accomplish more and more.  I plan on continuing  these treatments even after I lose my desired weight.  I would definitely recommend this treatment to any one who wants to quit smoking, lose weight or just get motivated.  It actually wakes up your senses and makes you think!  Laser acupuncture is the way to go!
John D.

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