You or someone you love needs and/or wants to quit smoking, that’s why you are visiting us today!

Welcome and let us help you start the journey in becoming a non-smoker.First you need to congratulate yourself!!!
You may be asking why?   You have already taken the first step, realizing and searching for the best method for you to finally give up your nicotine addiction.

Next, here are a series of questions you need to ask and write down your answers to, which will assist you in completing your task at hand of becoming a non-smoker.

1. Why do I smoke?

2. What is my reason(s) to quit smoking

3. What will be the most difficult situation after I quit?

4. How do I plan to handle that situation when I become a non-smoker?

5. How will I handle smokers around me after I quit?

6. What will I do instead of taking a smoke break at work?

7. What will I do in place of smoking when I am confronted with a stressful situation?

    (Note: many ex-smokers become smokers again because they have not figured out how to handle a stressful situation without a cigarette!!!)


Ask yourself other necessary questions.  Remember, writing down the answers gives you something to look back on and help with future reinforcement. Also, knowing ahead of time what you will do will increase your chances of continued success!!!


Other important Tidbits!!!

  1. Change up your routines… so when you become a non-smoker your triggers are no longer there
  2. Plan to keep yourself busy after becoming a non-smoker… less downtime = less thoughts about cigarettes
  3. Clean the house, office or wherever you smoke of ashtrays and throw away your remaining cigarettes, lighters, and deodorize.
  4. If you smoke in your car, plan to have it cleaned and detailed.
  5. Most smokers have some sort of yellowing or darkening of your teeth, plan on a whiting treatment… you will be less likely to want to tarnish them in the future.





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